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My first entrepreneurship stint – mewannawplay – a mobile app to find free neighborhood tennis courts. We built it to alleviate the pain of finding a unoccupied public tennis court.



MeWannaPlay (MWP) for Tennis is a cool new way to connect with tennis courts near you. Don’t waste time driving around your neighborhood searching for empty tennis courts or playing fields. MWP gives you access to real time information for more than 5,000 tennis courts across the country, so you spend more time playing and less time planning.

MWP provides you with a complete listing of the amenities and activities near you so you can find tennis courts on the go. MWP also connects you with other members to help you interact with fellow athletes, post messages and find partners.

Features –
MWP offers an easy to use, advertisement free interface that makes finding tennis courts a breeze. The application features:
✓ A homepage highlighting:
Courts near your current location
Unoccupied courts
Occupied courts
Partially Occupied courts
✓ Detailed information about each court including amenities, activities and contact details for that court
✓ Clear demarcation between public and private courts
✓ The ability to mark courts as occupied while you are playing
✓ A cool messaging system to help you communicate with other members of MWP and choose partners to play with
✓ The ability to check court details based on states and cities
✓ Tools to help you search and filter courts based on states and cities

Source code

The app however now is defunct.